Departures from the Institute: a flower of fuzz

Here at the Institute, the flowers of fuzz are much prized, and so it is with some sadness that we report the departure of a much respected colleague, the Addrock Geranium Fuzz:

A firm favourite for some years, this fuzz face clone of quality produces sputtery blooms of soft-clipping distortion, care of its finely tuned germanium transistors. Experimental sessions with a multimeter have played through the variousness of the bias settings, but the Geranium Fuzz has shone through as a bassy fuzz box remaking the finest traditions of sixties electronics. Its blazoned name has caused some confusion in the work of archivists, who have often assumed a mere typo in play, much as doubt has been cast on the suggestion that Addrock is a proper name, and not some weary pun on the adding and subtracting demanded of rock. This is nevertheless a rare instance of a noise gate applied to the letter M so as to make the letter N bloom forth. Debate has long rumbled over the merits of germanium over silicon, and the Institute would like to put on record its preference for germanium. The Institute has other fuzz boxes and likes to believe it knows what to do with them. The Addrock came and went in a fuzzy felt bag that set off its metallic livery. Its immaculately soldered interior defies the eye of the camera:

It remained evident to all who sampled this stomp circuit that germanium thrives on the heavy duty energy of a zinc chloride 9v battery. Not for this beast of the field the awkward compromises of alkaline. The fuzz box remains one of the most carbon efficient of noise toys, but no such construction comes without costs to the environment and it is with some sense of the damages incurred that this fine specimen has been recycled rather than left to gather dust in the flower presses of the music cupboard. The Addrock will be missed. Coming into being some time after the seminal contributions of We’ve Got A Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It! this Addrock box would have liked to add its own flavour of dissonant solidarity to the campaign for justice for Pussy Riot. But alas, no more for this box of chewy dirt, at least at the Institute. Flower of fuzz, we salute you!